For some time I have looked for a software for my phone that would enable checking the depth of field (DoF) for given exposure parameters. Unfortunately, I havent found anything working, so I decided to write it myself.

The program is designed for Symbian phones with Series 60 v.3 user interface ("S60 3rd edition", i.e. for all Nokia N and E models, some other phones, too). It will run on S60 5th edition (touch screen) devices, but if the phone does not have keyboard (arrows) you'll not be able to resize the plot. It will not run on legacy devices, i.e. those based on Symbian v7.x or below.

It displays the DoF plot in three forms:
On the plot, the hyperfocal distance or aperture (i.e. the aperture at which the DoF reaches infinity) is marked with a dashed line and currently set distance or aperture with a red line. Of course, the program also shows the numerical information:
DoF does not depend on the frame or sensor size. It does, however, on the blur circle (sometimes called circle of confusion). It defines how big blur can still be regarded as "sharp". Obviously, it depends on the ratio between the print and the frame sizes. For example, for 10x15 cm print made from 35 mm film (or so called "full frame" DSLR) the blur circle is typically 0.03 mm. However, if you increase the print size 4 times to 20x30 cm the acceptable blur will become twice smaller, i.e. 0.015 mm. On the other hand, if the print is typical, but the recording frame is smaller, the blur circle has to be decreased, too. For example, blur circle for a Canon camera with crop factor of 1.6 is 0.019 mm. In the program I have added 6 common values and assumed they apply for typical prints (about 10x15 cm):
Obviously, the blur circle may be set manually. To do it, select:

Options > Set parameter > Blur circle > Other

The program is available in English, Polish, Spanish (thanks, Alejandro!), Finnish, Italian (thanks, Asblut!), Russian (thanks, Nikolai!), German (thanks Rob!) and French (thanks Yannick!). Perhaps later I will add other languages. Please, take into account that it is a beta, I don't take any responsability regarding possible damage etc. On the other hand, it is 100% freeware: use it, put on your webpages and have fun! So, if you are not scaried away, you can download it here (click on the file name):

kmk_DoF.sisx (version: 0.15.0, compiled on 24.10.2010)

I prepared also a version with imperial units (feet and inches), but since internally it uses metric system and because I do not use it personally, it might be less "smooth" than the main version. If you would like to test it, download it from here (click on the file name):


How to use it (Note: shortcuts changed at ver. 0.15!):
*) To enable installing untrusted programs set:
Menu > Tools > App. mananger > Options > Settings > Software installation > All

The program works fine on my N95-1 and I don't expect any problems with other compatible devices, either.

If you have any comments, please send them to (mark in the title that it is about "kmk_DoF").

( last modified: 01.02.2009 )